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(Well - why should Paul have all the space!! - no pun intended!)

Hi and welcome to my part of the Astrospace web site.

           Ever since I was a girl I have been interested in History & especially Family History, something I shared with my Mother Margaret and my late Father Derek. The Genealogy part of this web site is dedicated to his memory. In 1990 I suffered an accident which led to two things, firstly I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FM) and secondly, when I moved up to Lincolnshire from Coventry to be with Paul, I was also diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which helped to explain some of the problems I had had from birth. In 1993 Paul & I became engaged and later that year I made the move 'up north & east' to be with him (ahh aint that nice I hear you all say! ) and then in 1998 on March 14th we became a happier couple by getting married here in Horncastle.
           Since moving here I have set up the Lincolnshire FM Support group and help Paul with taking bookings for his many talks on Astronomy. Recently I have renewed my interest in tracing my family tree, something which I'm glad to say Paul has become interested in as well - we like to keep out of mischief you see!!
Anyway enough of the rambling - enjoy my part of the site!
Note that this site is undergoing construction and the pages will become available when I get the chance.

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